Greetings family and friends,

We are asking our family and friends for donations so that we can rebuild
the website using Xbase++. This will also enable us to make
the website more enjoyable for visitors, easier to navigate, and allow us to take
submissions and corrections again.

Our goal is to reach at least $2,000 so that we can afford the software license
for Xbase++. A small donation of $5, $10, $15, or more from our family and friends
would make that possible.

As of: July 15th, 2015
Robert Britten 11/04/14 $10.00 via PayPal
Rustin Allred 11/11/14 $25.00 via PayPal
Katrin Buchmann 12/05/14 $10.00 via PayPal
Everett A Allred 12/10/14 $30.00 via PayPal
T Stewart 12/22/14 $100.00 via PayPal
Happy New Year!
Donald Allred 01/10/15 $50.00 via PayPal
Helen Hafen 02/17/15 $15.00 via PayPal
Patricia Silcox 07/15/15 $20.00 via PayPal

Total Donated: $260 minus paypal fees
Total Goal: $2,000

We continue to pay for the hosting of the site mostly from our own pockets, but we
wanted to take the time to thank you out there that have supported the site in the past,
and thank those of you who will be donating so that we can upgrade the site for future
generations to enjoy.

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year,

Please make checks & money orders payable to:
Don Allred
22640 Burbank Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Or you may also use

The Allred Family Roster is a compiled master index to the surname Allred and allied families which are linked. Over 2,000 family members and genealogists have submitted data to The Allred Family Roster since 1988.
Gimme a break!
After 18 years I need a break from data entry.
Submissions will NOT be accepted till my wrist gets better.
Please respect my time; no submissions, no questions, no e-mail till further notice.
First time visitors and genealogy newbies are encouraged to read Frequently Asked Questions.

In loving memory of our sister, Barbara Aylesworth 1934-2006

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