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Scotty Allred (030901010602050701) (Terry Michael, Cortes, Walter Lee, Scott, Stokeley, Theophilus, Francis, Solomon) descendants: 0
Scotty Allred (EQ01020105) (Charles F., Ira, Wylie) descendants: 0
Scotty Andrew Barton (010903010805090302) b 11 JUL 1965 (Edith Gail, Earl Glennie, Perry Leonard, Andrew "Drew" III, Andrew Jr., Andrew, Thomas Jr., Thomas) descendants: 1
Scotty Lynn Bolton (CW010101080103) (Peggy Ann, Augustus, Lewis Patterson, John James, Mr.) descendants: 3
Scotty Bowden (spouse of: Ginger Scholes 0102030605040201030102)
Scotty Cocker (CQ01010303100101) b 1968 (Nita, Susan, Cleveland Russell, William Russell, Coalman Scott, Samuel) descendants: 0
Scotty Delano Cole (spouse of: Judy Calvert 010903010302050103)
Scotty Cranford (FC0101050204050702) (Rebecca Jane, Pearline, Millard, John Derrick, Elijah TWIN, John Calvert, Catherine) descendants: 0
Scotty F. Deffendol (0102060506040602) (Thelma Genevieve, Elmer Warren, Rosealtha Jane, Green Warren, William, William, Thomas) descendants: 0
Scotty Brian Purcell (040309061007010201) b 05/??/1977 d 10/13/1993 (LaFreda Ann, Amy Juanita, Minnie Nora, Thomas Nelson, Susan, Thomas Nelson, Elizabeth, John) descendants: 0
Scotty Saxton (0309010108100101) (Nedra, Erie, George Washington, Stokeley, Theophilus, Francis, Solomon) descendants: 0
Scotty Jackson Sparkman (DB0102010401010104) b 03/20/1964 (Wanda L., Oscar Quinton, John Alan, Mandy Melvina, John, Isaac P., Mr.) descendants: 0
Scotty Lane West b 11/06/1962 Married 06/18/1987 (spouse of: Amy Karen Kelly 04030204040108050203)

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